Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scrubs--Who Doesn't Love 'Em

Normal skin cells shed every 28 days through the natural process of exfoliation. Use gentle scrubs when you have rough spots or dry, flaky patches. Chunky salt scrubs buff away dirt and dead skin cells. Sugar scrubs provide a gentle scrubbing action.
If you have sensitive skin, use a washcloth or just your hands. If your skin gets callused or tough consider using a stronger skin slougher.

Gentle: Shower puffs, made of vinyl or plastic aerate a body wash to produce lots of foam fast. They give the body a light rubdown. To preserve yours, rinse it and wring it out after each use and hang it in a dry place. Discard it after six weeks of use.

Medium: Natural sponges are marine invertibrates; they tend to be less abrasive than polyester sponges.

Rough: Loofahs are best for sloughing off callused or dry, flaky areas. Natural loofahs are made of the fibers of the washrag gourd; synthetic ones can be plastic or vinyl. To sanitize, run loofahs through the dishwasher.

Tip: To prevent bacterial growth, zap your body sponge in the microwave for two minutes each week. Discard it after six weeks.

I've been playing around with some fabulous butters to create scrubs. Coffee butter (smells like a fresh cup),lime butter (good enough to eat!) and lavender butter (more of a subtle lavender smell). I'll keep you posted when they are perfected and for sale.
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