Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mid Calf Skirt Lengths: Spring 2011

The London Fashion Week Spring 2011 season brought a mixed bag of skirt lengths For spring, designers were showing mini, maxi and the new mid-calf length in skirts—the midi. (I read that when the midi first showed for spring, many freaked out. I think because the hem is somewhere between your knees and your ankles and we haven’t seen this length for some time.)

I’m too old to wear the mini. I probably still have a maxi or two around from the last time they were popular. I just don’t know if I can warm up to the midi.

Mid-calf lengths don’t suit everyone, so this style is not as easy to adopt as you might think. The length doesn't flatter short women, but on the other hand it can be a perfect choice for tall gals. Most women carry weight on their thighs. A properly fitted skirt will conceal the problem area instead of exposing it and it can create a sleeker and trimmer image.

Midi skirts can be paired with wedge sandals, ballerina flats, or towering heels, and can be full or straight, shear or pleated. A good tip is to not wear heavy layers on top. Wear it with a long or cropped, light or heavy jacket so the silhouette remains long. Belts work beautifully with the midi. These skirts flatter most when you pair them with heels that help create a leaner lower leg. Hems that hit at the top of the calf are tricky for those less-than-content with their ankles. There are tricks to work around this such as wearing a sky-high shoe or platform to slim your ankles. (Another reason I’m not thrilled with this length. On sky-high shoes, I’d probably trip and break my ankle.)

Even with all of that, skirts can be a good option to mix and match your wardrobe. Moreover, depending on the way you choose to accessorize them, you can get a very sophisticated and chic outfit using the most simple pieces

I think every woman who loves fashion, no matter what age, wants to look current. If the clothes are sexy enough and make the women feel empowered, they will wear them. So maybe the midi has a chance. Are you ladies into this skirt length? Will you be wearing it this spring?

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I Believe in Miracles

I believe in Manicures.
I believe in Overdressing.
I believe in Primping at leisure
and wearing Lipstick.
I believe in Pink. I believe that
Laughing is the best calorie burner.
I believe in Kissing; kissing a lot.
I believe in BEING STRONG
when everything seems to be going wrong.
I believe happy girls are the prettiest girls.
I believe that tomorrow is another day, and
I Believe in Miracles.

byAudrey Hepburn

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Journaling Can Guide, Inspire and Heal

I came across an article about journaling and the many kinds of journals people keep. I don't know that mine is any one kind but it sure has provided me with an outlet for my emotions.

I started journaling when my youngest was 15. She was going through a tough time as a young adult wanting more freedom than her parents were willing to give. Looking back, she really wasn't that difficult at all, just being a typical teen-ager. At the time though it seemed like she was hell bent on making my life difficult. Journaling gave me a place to vent and basically feel sorry for myself without anyone making any judgements.

After she got her driver's license life seemed so much better to her and the two of us eventually became good friends again. Still I continued to write. Sometimes to vent, other times to write down my dreams, blessings I was grateful for or just write down things I had observed about life. Sometimes I'd read what I had written before and gained a little insight to happenings in my life. Things I would do differently, unresolved issues that needed attention or successes and challenges.

I am still journaling 15 years later. My writing now includes my business, my grandchildren and my travels. I continue to vent  and be grateful for the many blessings in my life. I don't write everyday.  I write when I feel that I need to express myself and don't necessarily need or want someone to respond.

I would recommend journaling for everyone. It can be a tool to help you find the beautiful things in life when things look bleak. I started writing in a simple notebook but I've seen beautiful journals that would really be fun to write in. (Marta has some really cute "mini" diaries that would be fun to tuck in your purse.)If you've never done it, I suggest you try it. You'll get to know yourself a little bit better!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Classic Movie Lovebirds--a Valentine Game for You

Don't you just romance? Especially in your movies--I sure do! So when I read Marta's blog and saw she had compiled lovebird photos from movies I just had to play along. Head over to Marta Speaks and see how many lovebirds you can identify. And then... enjoy the rest of the evening with your own lovebird!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries

You have just got to check this out--flaming strawberries on a chocolate cupcake. It's like the perfect Valentine dessert! Easy yet so impressive. I think I can even pull this one off! Heather over at Sprinkle Bakes gives you all the directions for this sweet treat.
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four Ways to Love Yourself

Wax paper/crayon heart added to my bathroom window.
We often only think of love as loving others or caring for others. This is especially true for women. We wear so many hats...wife, mother, friend, co-worker, sister, daughter, etc. What if this February we were to stop and spend some time with ourselves and for ourselves? We can start by appreciating ourselves for all that we accomplish in our days and realizing how beautiful and talented we are.

Here are some ways to give yourself some love:

1. Schedule a luxurious professional facial, haircut, or massage. If money is an issue your can give yourself a hand or foot massage. Gathered From The Garden has a refreshing pepperminty Tired Tooties Foot Soak, Foot Powder, Foot Cream and our Pedi Balm. These are a treat for your feet! Gathered’s Cuticle Cream is a soft, creamy butter to soften up your cuticles. Our Goat Milk Lotion is perfect for a hand massage! Create a relaxing mood using candles, flowers, and soft music.

2. Beautify your bathroom counter or vanity table. You can clean up the bottles and jars. Add some sea shells,pretty pebbles,colored glass bottles, baskets, and maybe a new potted plant. For Valentine's Day, you might want to add flowers, photos of your loved ones together, hearts, etc.

3. Go through your clothes with the eyes of one who is beautiful. Pull out anything that doesn't fit this image of you, or that you just don't like anymore. Donate these items so  someone else can wear them. Buy yourself something new. Even if it's only a pair of earrings.

4. A girls' night out or in. How about a night with your friends, giving each other facials? Just think about the pleasure you get from getting your face gently massaged as part of a facial. Save yourself some money and try this at home.

Have your friend sit in a chair or lie on a couch. Use a pillow wrapped in a towel to support their neck. Keep a basin with warm water nearby for rinsing and another one with a pot of boiling or very hot water ready for steaming. Start with Gathered’s Facial Oil or “Love My Face” cleanser to remove surface dirt or makeup. Gently apply to the face with your hands then wipe off with a soft cloth dipped in the warm water.

Next apply a gentle exfoliating scrub like Gathered’s Facial Cleansing Grains. Then wipe off. After exfoliation, fill a basin/bowl with boiling water and add Gathered’s Facial Steam. (a blend of rose petals, chamomile, calendula and lavender buds.)Have them sit up, then place a towel over their head and have them lean over the basin for 3-5 minutes to let the steam penetrate and open pores. For extra pampering Gathered’s Clay Mask may be used instead of the steam.

Follow this with a splash of cool water. Finish with a gentle moisturizer like our Facial Moisturizer or for extra pampering try one of our Facial Serums. You will massage this into the face and neck. Use circular motions and apply gentle pressure.

Make certain there is time in your week for you. Do whatever revives you, whether it's a walk in the snow, a nap, meditation, writing in your journal, or just sitting and enjoy some quiet.  Loving yourself is more than just a need, it's a necessity. Doing nice things for yourself is a way that you can feel love of self. The nurturing that your spirit will receive will be a gift to everyone around you. Learn to be your own best friend!

(Have you ever given yourself a valentine?)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines rated G, PG and PG-13

 Aren't these cookies adorable! Shelley over at How Does She is so creative.
Check out her blog post for more pictures and info on how she made them. (I think they'd be so fun for a bachelorette party or bridal shower.)

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