Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Halloween Cuteness

I thought these were so cute I just had to try another Halloween craft. As it turned out, it was SUPER easy!! I'm thinking I may go back to the store and buy another 6 pack.

Start out with a bottle of orange Crush. There might be other bottles of orange liquid but this was the first one I saw so I took it. Plus as a kid I loved Crush! Take the label off. It came off fairly quickly after I picked at a corner. I did use a little Goo Gone to take off the stickiness.
You now have a smooth surface on which to put the jack-o-lantern's face. I used left-over black vinyl from my Silhouette and just free-handed cut out eyes, nose and smiles. (There are lots of ideas if you Google jack-o-lantern images.) I didn't get too fancy cuz I thought the simple jack-o-lantern face was the cutest.
A little ribbon and a gift tag and they'll be fun to pass out on Halloween to my co-workers!
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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Protect Your Pet This Halloween

My daughter has so much fun dressing up her dog for Halloween. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have any children or maybe it’s because she just really likes dressing up her dog. While Halloween is great fun for adults and children it might not be so fun for your pet. Here are a few tips to keep your pet from harm this Halloween.

*All of the doorbell ringing can leave your pet frightened or excited. Dogs should be kept away from the front door. With many people visiting the home in strange attire, even normally calm pets might overreact.

*Keep your pet indoors. Animals that get scared may run away or grow disoriented and get lost. Remember that it is a natural instinct for dogs to protect the family from strangers, and on Halloween there will be no shortage of strangers. It would be a shame if your pet was caught up in someone’s idea of a prank. (black cats…)

*While candy and chocolate are the highlight of most children’s Halloween, it poses a risk for your pet. Even small amounts of chocolate can be harmful to dogs and cats. Hard candies could get swallowed and become lodged in your pet’s throat. (Halloween is second to Christmas for pets ending up in the animal ER for eating stuff they shouldn’t and right behind the Fourth of July for being hit by a car.) Candy wrappers could also get swallowed. Artificial sweeteners can harm your cat or dog too.

*Don’t take your pet trick-or-treating. Even if your dog is usually calm and well-behaved, the crowds of trick or treaters may excite your pet. Other animals out and about or those pets that could get loose when the door opens may provoke your dog. It could be hard to keep an eye on your children and your dog.

*Be careful with Halloween decorations. Fake spider webs, lights, jack-o-lanterns and candles could be tripping hazards for pets or could be a safety risk. You wouldn’t want your holiday spoiled because your pet tipped over a lit candle.

*Have your dog get used to costumes. Your dog is not going to recognize you when you are all dressed up. Before the kids put them on, allow your dog to scent the costumes. If your costume has a mask, keep the mask off when you are with your dog because dogs can become confused when they can't see our faces.

Halloween is the most dangerous holiday for dogs but with a little planning ahead you can all enjoy this spooky night!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

My Attempt at Halloween Cuteness

You know you see all of these super cute Halloween ideas on Pinterest and you think "I could make that". Yeah, right. So I thought making Nutter Butter mummies would be no fail. How hard can it be to cover those cookies with almond bark?

Well, that was the easy part. I melted the almond bark, dipped the cookies and added the eyes after they had set a bit. Next, I popped them in the refrigerator while we ate supper.

Then I tried something I hadn't ever tried before. Melting almond bark in a ziplock baggie. So far, so good. But when it came to snipping off a corner and using it to pipe the "rags" on the mummy...yikes!! That bag was scalding hot! I tried holding it with a pot holder but that didn't work out the best. I finally got all of the almond bark squeezed out when I realized something. It was still liquidy. Duh, I could have let it cool a bit before trying to squeeze it. My "rag strips" would have looked way more like a mummy I'm sure.

Oh well, between the grandkids and hubby I'm sure there will be no mummies left by Halloween. Do I dare try another Pinterest craft? post signature
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Give It Away Before It's Given Away

Kind of a weird title for a post but it's good advice. It really hit home this weekend as I spent time at an auction of my godmother's things. My aunt Angeline was a saver. I heard that she had saved every greeting card she had ever gotten. (She lived to be 90+) So you can imagine how much stuff was at this auction. There were 9 trailers filled, furniture on the lawn and more behind her barn. So much to sell that there were two auctioneers going at once.

                                                             9 trailers like this one!

This was a hard auction to attend because it brought back so many memories. As a child I spent many hours playing with her children and slept over often. One trailer had all of her shoes (lots of pairs all in their original shoe boxes--who saves the boxes?), purses and hats. You know the kind women wore back in the 30's,40's 50's? I bet there were 50 hats. I would have loved to have taken some home with me but they were bought up by people willing to spend more than I was. Sad to see her clothes strung on a line.
I'm looking around at all the stuff I have accumulated thinking who wants to go through my stuff when I'm gone? Do I want it all thrown into boxes and sold to strangers? I don't think my children would do that but who knows? (One of my daughters is the total opposite of a saver--she's a thrower!) I think it's so sad that my aunt didn't give away more of her stuff when she was living. I think she would have gotten some joy out of seeing her friends and family using her things.
So that brings me to think about taking my own advice. I really need to clean out some closets and give away what I'm not using. Goodwill and the Salvation Army would be happy to take whatever I want to donate. But I'm thinking there are things I have that family and friends would use if I give it to them. Why not do it now?  Lord knows I'm not getting any younger and I shouldn't wait until these things are so old they're considered antiques!
What about you? Are you a saver or a thrower?
(On a happy note I did manage to score some of my aunt's things as a remembrance of her.)
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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vampire and Witch Photo Effects

I was going to call this post "How to Turn Your Husband into a Vampire" but I thought you might get the wrong impression. Actually, the biggest reason I didn't call it that is because Jerry got a peek at how I had turned him into a vampire.  After that he made me promise not to use that picture on the internet. (He's no fun...)

What I really wanted to tell you about (and show you) is that you can use the new Halloween features on Picmonkey to turn your loved ones into vampires,witches and zombies. (that was the longest sentence in history!)

So I took found this picture of me dressed in black. Then I did a little editing in Picasa and saved it to my desktop. I went to the Picmonkey site and uploaded the picture. I chose to use their Witches feature. You can add creepy things like hats,weird eyes, colored skin, spider webs to name a few. Things like bats and spooky backgrounds can be added too.

 So here is my finished picture. My hat doesn't quite fit but I like the green skin! (I make a very smiley witch.) Too bad I can't show you Jerry's picture as a vampire. It is WAY better--really freaky!!! You'll just have to take my word for it. Head on over to Picmonkey and have some fun changing your own loved ones into creepy creatures...or not!

(Picmonkey does have other Halloween features you can choose from that aren't creepy. They have a cute Trick or Treat feature I was thinking of using on a picture of my grandchildren.)
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Simpler Time...

Before Pinterest and Blogs I used to have free time. Some evenings I'd relax by reading a good book or watch a little tv. Now I spend most evenings reading blogs, writing blog posts and/or looking at Pinterest. Weekends are spent trying out crafts or recipes that I've found. Sometimes I long for those good ol' days...

So I saw this really cute Candy Corn Cookies recipe online.  Then a friend at work showed me a cute Halloween craft in All You Magazine. Well I just had to try both. Conveniently I could use the cookies as part of the Halloween craft. I made the dough and cut out the cookies. Putzy,putzy, putzy.
The cookies are very cute and very small. So it took me quite awhile to get these all cut out.
Now after they had baked and cooled they each needed to be dipped in yellow candy melts. Putzy,putzy,putzy and VERY time-consuming. Luckily hubby was up checking on his deer stand so he didn't see how much time I was spending in the kitchen.  You can see from the picture after the first 100 (it seemed like that many at least) I just wanted to get done so I wasn't as careful as I could have been!
So now on to the All You Craft. It involved spray painting a mini pumpkin black. That wasn't too hard. Then I needed to glue on eyes, add ears, a nose and whiskers and a little bow on the stem.
Did you know that if you don't put the hot glue on just right it takes off the black paint? Guess how I found that out.
After the cat was finished I put the cute Candy Corn Cookies in a little jar. The cat's head is supposed to sit on the top of the jar. All You Magazine calls them "Kitty Canisters". It's not my favorite Halloween decoration.
So now that I have used up my weekend making crafts I saw online, I'm starting to rethink how I'm spending my time. I really miss having some down time in the evenings. And you  know, some of these things look a whole lot cuter when someone else makes them!
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Thursday, October 4, 2012

48 Acts of Kindness in 48 Hours

On one of the blogs I follow (Simply Celebrate) I read about a fantastic idea. The author of the blog, Sherry, celebrated her birthday yesterday. To help mark this special occasion of turning 48 she decided to do 48 kind things for others in 48 hours. Here's what she had to say...

"It's my 48th birthday and I just returned from a retreat at a Buddhist monastery in the Sierra foothills of California. During the retreat, my teacher, Cheri Huber, used the expression "unrelenting kindness." I've been turning the expression over in my mind. And holding it in my bones. So it isn't surprising that when I got home and began to think about what I wanted for my birthday, the expression, "unrelenting kindness" dropped in. Last night, I found myself making a numbered list from one to 48. I decided that I would find 48 people to offer kindness to..."

She then invited her readers to send her the name of anyone we knew who could use some uplifting. I had someone in mind right away. I gave her the email address of that person. Sherry responded with a couple of suggestions/questions and said my friend was #42 on her list!

I think what goes around, comes around. I believe that Sherry is going to get an abundance of kindness in her life too. I am also inspired to follow her example. Although in my case, the number of people on my list would be higher! No worries. I can handle that. What do you think of this idea?

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