Monday, October 22, 2012

My Attempt at Halloween Cuteness

You know you see all of these super cute Halloween ideas on Pinterest and you think "I could make that". Yeah, right. So I thought making Nutter Butter mummies would be no fail. How hard can it be to cover those cookies with almond bark?

Well, that was the easy part. I melted the almond bark, dipped the cookies and added the eyes after they had set a bit. Next, I popped them in the refrigerator while we ate supper.

Then I tried something I hadn't ever tried before. Melting almond bark in a ziplock baggie. So far, so good. But when it came to snipping off a corner and using it to pipe the "rags" on the mummy...yikes!! That bag was scalding hot! I tried holding it with a pot holder but that didn't work out the best. I finally got all of the almond bark squeezed out when I realized something. It was still liquidy. Duh, I could have let it cool a bit before trying to squeeze it. My "rag strips" would have looked way more like a mummy I'm sure.

Oh well, between the grandkids and hubby I'm sure there will be no mummies left by Halloween. Do I dare try another Pinterest craft? post signature
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