Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Simpler Time...

Before Pinterest and Blogs I used to have free time. Some evenings I'd relax by reading a good book or watch a little tv. Now I spend most evenings reading blogs, writing blog posts and/or looking at Pinterest. Weekends are spent trying out crafts or recipes that I've found. Sometimes I long for those good ol' days...

So I saw this really cute Candy Corn Cookies recipe online.  Then a friend at work showed me a cute Halloween craft in All You Magazine. Well I just had to try both. Conveniently I could use the cookies as part of the Halloween craft. I made the dough and cut out the cookies. Putzy,putzy, putzy.
The cookies are very cute and very small. So it took me quite awhile to get these all cut out.
Now after they had baked and cooled they each needed to be dipped in yellow candy melts. Putzy,putzy,putzy and VERY time-consuming. Luckily hubby was up checking on his deer stand so he didn't see how much time I was spending in the kitchen.  You can see from the picture after the first 100 (it seemed like that many at least) I just wanted to get done so I wasn't as careful as I could have been!
So now on to the All You Craft. It involved spray painting a mini pumpkin black. That wasn't too hard. Then I needed to glue on eyes, add ears, a nose and whiskers and a little bow on the stem.
Did you know that if you don't put the hot glue on just right it takes off the black paint? Guess how I found that out.
After the cat was finished I put the cute Candy Corn Cookies in a little jar. The cat's head is supposed to sit on the top of the jar. All You Magazine calls them "Kitty Canisters". It's not my favorite Halloween decoration.
So now that I have used up my weekend making crafts I saw online, I'm starting to rethink how I'm spending my time. I really miss having some down time in the evenings. And you  know, some of these things look a whole lot cuter when someone else makes them!
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