Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Non-Surgical Way to Stay Wrinkle Free?

We'd all love that wouldn't we? Scientists are working toward that goal trying to design food products that would halt aging. Until that happens we need to pay attention to what we put into our bodies, not just what we are putting on our bodies. Skin and Hair require many nutrients that are gotten from a balanced diet and by staying hydrated.

Here are some building blocks to improve your appearance:

*Be picky about fats. Skip the trans-fat packed hydrogenated oils. These can cause inflammation in the body which can damage skin cells which trigger signs of aging. Try Omega-3 fatty acids. They help to prevent skin from premature wrinkles. They also help maintain the skin's natural oil barrier keeping moisture in.

*Vitamins, flavonoids and carotenoids are natural substances that counter the cell-ravaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals can lead to premature aging. Vitamin C is important in collagen production and skin elasticity. As you get older, your body loses its ability to take up beneficial antioxidants so a supplement may be necessary.
*More minerals please. Zinc, Iron and Selenium are all needed to maintain beautiful skin and hair. Zinc helps cells produce collagen to help with skin regeneration. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your hair. An inadequate intake of iron can result in misshapen and brittle fingernails. A lack of iron can also make hair brittle and in extreme cases may result in hair loss.Selenium guards our skin's elasticity by fighting free radicals. It also helps us to get rid of toxins.

*Improve your digestion. You need good bacteria in your stomach to help ingest those good nutrients. Improper nutrient digestion can lead to graying hair or even hair loss. Low sugar yogurt or a probiotic will help keep your hair silky and promote clearer skin.

Remember the old saying "You are what you eat." Eating healthy will make you look and feel healthy. You'll see it in your skin and hair. A better place to spend money is on your food, not necessarily more cosmetics promising you sexy skin and hair. For more information check out the article "Beauty From Within" Delicious Living magazine March 2009 issue. (

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Pamper Your Heart

March is National Nutrition Month. It's a good time to think about making wise diet choices to keep your heart healthy. This month we can all make a commitment to take care of our cardiac health. It's easy to do if we take some simple steps every day. (This is especially important to me because I have a family history of heart disease and problems.)

1. How many calories should you eat or drink?

A simple rule--don't eat more than you can burn up every day. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate activity. If you can't get in 30, try for multiple 10 minute shots of activity. (Take the stairs instead of the elevator.)

2. Eat nutritional food from all of the food groups.

Choose foods like veggies, fruits, whole-grain products, fat-free or low fat dairy. Eating a variety of these foods will help control your weight and blood pressure. Whole grain foods are full of fiber which lowers your blood cholesterol and makes you feel full so you'll eat less.

3. Eat less nutrient-poor foods.

Limit foods high in calories. Limit your saturated fats,trans fats and sodium. Read labels carefully--you'd be surprised at how much sugar is in breakfast cereals. Cut back on beverages high in sugar. (drink more water) Drink alcohol in moderation.

4. Don't smoke and stay away from tobacco smoke.

I'm really trying hard to eat much healthier. My sister is a chiropractor and she advises spending more of your grocery money on fruits and veggies. At first I thought "but they can be so expensive" but now I think "I'm worth it!" I'm using fewer processed foods and enjoying the color and taste of veggies and fruits. (I've even lost some weight as a result--a nice bonus.)

If you have heart-healthy tips or recipes of your own, I'd love it if you'd share. The more we know about making healthy choices, the better. Thanks!

For more information, visit the American Heart Association website at:

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Monday, March 16, 2009


A girl can never have too many shoes, especially with Spring just around the corner. So here are a few great sites to go "Sole Searching"-- happy shopping!

* This site has a ton of brands in all sizes and widths. It has everything from shoes to jewelry to clothing. Lots of great stuff for men and kids too. Plus free shipping both ways!!

* This site has cute shoes at a discount. Hundreds of brands at as much as 70% off. You can sign up for email alerts for their special offers.

* This site is great if you have large feet. The site sells shoes up to size 15. They now have wedding shoes in bigger sizes. (Perfect for my 6"1" daughter getting married in April.)

* This site also carries everything from shoes to clothing to accessories. They have shoes and products for men and children. Lots of cute shoes featured on their home page.

So let the shoe shopping begin. You can never have too many shoes, although my closet is starting to disagree. I should do some serious weeding out of old and worn shoes. (That's a topic for a different blog don't you think?) What's your favorite pair of shoes that you just can't part with?
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Friday, March 13, 2009

New Product to Help the Fistula Foundation

Gathered From The Garden is proud to announce a new lotion—“Natur-elle Lotion”. This silky lotion is made with Shea Butter and Avocado Oil. Both of these ingredients have healing properties for dry skin. This lotion does not contain any fragrance (phthalates) or any parabens. (It is the same price as our Goat Milk and Honey Lotion.)
Gathered From The Garden will donate a percentage of the profits from the sale of our new “Natur-elle Lotion” to the Fistula Foundation. The Fistula Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of obstetric fistula, the devastating injury caused by obstructed labor, through support of the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals in Ethiopia.

It costs the Hamlin Fistula Hospitals $450 to repair one woman's injury, provide her with postoperative care, and send her home in a new dress. Gathered From The Garden with your help, would like to be a part of helping to improve the lives of these women.

If, as Oprah says, a woman born in America is automatically one of the luckiest women in the world, then a woman born in rural Ethiopia must be one of the most unlucky. We have the opportunity to help change this. Won’t you join us?

For more information you can go to
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just For Fun...

Here is a Soft Drink Generator, where you can create your own brand of carbonated sugar water. Enter some text, choose an emblem, pick your colors and patterns, and click the 'Go' button. A soft drink can will be generated for you. ( It's just for fun--something to pamper your creative side! What is your favorite soft drink?
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Just For Fun--Find Your Color

I can't say I put much stock in astrology, but I was curious to know what color matches up with my birthday on Pantone's Colorstrology website. Turns out I'm "highly sensitive,creative and organized and can integrate these two qualities." I'm to surround myself with "Fair Orchid" to bring harmony to my mind, body and spirit.

While some of these qualities seem to fit, I'm not fond of the color orchid. It would not be a color I would choose to surround myself with. However, I haven't really ever done much with that color so maybe it's worth a try...I could use some harmony.

What color are you?
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Organic Beauty Magazine

What do you think we can expect from a magazine called "Organic Beauty"?
Supposedly everything from green makeovers, anti-aging alternatives, beauty tips, hottest trends, affordable finds, celebrity features, eco-event coverage and more.

One thing going for the new magazine is their editor-in-chief Rona Berg. She’s the former beauty editor of the New York Times Magazine and editorial director of Elle. “Going green is no longer just a trend, it’s a lifestyle,” says Berg. “Organic Beauty will provide a smart, sophisticated resource for women who want to cut through the confusion and find more natural alternatives.”

Coverage in every issue will include: natural and organic skin, hair, nail and oral-care products; organic foods, herbs, supplements, elixirs and fitness strategies; Ageless Beauty: natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery and injectables; sustainable beauty, fashion and style trends, as well as beauty bargains, up-to-the-minute news and breakthroughs. All of its ads are for natural and organic products and services. It will be available by subscription at

I am excited to hear that it is dedicated to helping women find natural beauty alternatives. I'm really hoping it's not just going to be another glossy, ad-filled magazine. I've looked at the sample article on their website and it looked pretty good. Should I invest in another magazine? What do you think?

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