Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Non-Surgical Way to Stay Wrinkle Free?

We'd all love that wouldn't we? Scientists are working toward that goal trying to design food products that would halt aging. Until that happens we need to pay attention to what we put into our bodies, not just what we are putting on our bodies. Skin and Hair require many nutrients that are gotten from a balanced diet and by staying hydrated.

Here are some building blocks to improve your appearance:

*Be picky about fats. Skip the trans-fat packed hydrogenated oils. These can cause inflammation in the body which can damage skin cells which trigger signs of aging. Try Omega-3 fatty acids. They help to prevent skin from premature wrinkles. They also help maintain the skin's natural oil barrier keeping moisture in.

*Vitamins, flavonoids and carotenoids are natural substances that counter the cell-ravaging effects of free radicals. Free radicals can lead to premature aging. Vitamin C is important in collagen production and skin elasticity. As you get older, your body loses its ability to take up beneficial antioxidants so a supplement may be necessary.
*More minerals please. Zinc, Iron and Selenium are all needed to maintain beautiful skin and hair. Zinc helps cells produce collagen to help with skin regeneration. Iron helps red blood cells carry oxygen to your hair. An inadequate intake of iron can result in misshapen and brittle fingernails. A lack of iron can also make hair brittle and in extreme cases may result in hair loss.Selenium guards our skin's elasticity by fighting free radicals. It also helps us to get rid of toxins.

*Improve your digestion. You need good bacteria in your stomach to help ingest those good nutrients. Improper nutrient digestion can lead to graying hair or even hair loss. Low sugar yogurt or a probiotic will help keep your hair silky and promote clearer skin.

Remember the old saying "You are what you eat." Eating healthy will make you look and feel healthy. You'll see it in your skin and hair. A better place to spend money is on your food, not necessarily more cosmetics promising you sexy skin and hair. For more information check out the article "Beauty From Within" Delicious Living magazine March 2009 issue. (

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