Monday, April 6, 2009

Step Into Spring!

The snow is finally melting here in Minnesota, the birds are singing and it feels like time to step into spring! I'm ready to get outside walking and I know many people anxious to start their running program outside. A very important first step is to find the right kind of shoes for your activities.

Here are some tips for finding shoes that fit.

*But the right size according to how they feel on your feet. Don't go only by the size on the shoe. Sizes can vary.

*Match shoes to the shape of your foot.

*Use the wiggle test to make sure you can move your toes freely but not so loose that your feet slide around.

*Buy shoes at the end of the day. The longer you are on your feet the more they swell.

*Wear your socks or orthodics to try on shoes.

*Make sure the widest part of your foot fits comfortably in the widest part of the shoe when you are standing.

*Most shoes won't stretch so don't buy them tight thinking they will stretch.

*Put both shoes on and walk around a bit to make sure they fit and feel good before you buy them.

*If you are a regular runner or walker be sure to get shoes specific for these activities. Usually a sports store specializing in running/walking clothes or shoes will have someone knowledgable to help you purchase the right shoe.

These tips will help to ensure a proper fit. Taking the time to be sure you have the right shoes will be worth the time and money. (You won't get far in shoes that hurt or cause injury.) Now if it would only be this easy to get Mother Nature to cooperate!
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