Thursday, April 16, 2009

6 Easy Beauty Boosters

You have probably thought about goals for nearly every part of your life-- but have you worked up a plan to boost your health and beauty regimens? This list of beauty boosters will help you get on the fast track to bliss both inside and out.

1. Invest in a quality hairbrush

Did you know that a cheap hairbrush could literally tear your hair out? Even the most healthy scalp loses a minimum of thirty hairs a day, so ensure that your hair will stay where it belongs -- on your head -- with a quality brush designed for your hair type. Boar and nylon are the most commonly used bristles in hairbrushes. Natural boar bristles are good for long, normal, fine and damaged hair; while the nylon variety tend to be better for short, coarse or heavily-damaged hair. Look for brushes with widely-spaced rows of bristles, as they glide through the hair more easily. Another hint: Buy yourself a wooden comb. Choose one with widely spaced teeth. It will stimulate scalp circulation while eliminating static.

2. Moisturize your skin every day

Your skin, the largest organ of your entire body, needs special care and attention. Especially in the winter months, skin loses moisture and can easily become dry and flaky.

3.Get enough sleep

Not getting the right quantity -- or quality -- of ZZZs can affect your appearance. Dark circles under your eyes will appear, and other annoying skin issues can flare up and broadcast to the world that you aren't sleeping well. As if that wasn't enough, without enough rest, your cells don't have a chance to repair themselves, which will make your skin look dull and dry, and age more quickly than it otherwise would.

4. Scrub your way to soft feet

Taking time out for salon pedicures is not always in the budget, time or money wise, so agree to take matters into your own hands... or, in this case, your own feet. Purchase a foot file (it is a bit like a giant nail file) and scrub any areas of your feet with dry or rough skin once or twice a week. It's best to use the file after a bath or shower -- or in the shower when your feet are wet -- because warm water softens the skin.

5.Make time for you, because you're worth it

Never forget that the most important person in your world is you. Make time to rest, relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Promise that once a month you'll plan a special treat, all for you. It might be dinner with a friend, a massage, a visit to a museum -- what ever works for you. Remember that "me time" is the fuel that keeps you going in this hectic world. You have a lot to do and lots to be thankful for. When you make yourself a priority in your own life, you and everyone around you will reap the benefits.

6. Perfecting your posture

Good posture benefits you from head to toe. With good posture you will have a flatter and stronger stomach--in fact, without proper posture you can never achieve the flattest stomach and smallest waist possible. Good posture will make for a more respect-producing, confident, competent, vigorous, youthful appearance.

This is a short list of easy things to do to boost your beauty. Have you got others we can add to the list?
(By the way, my sweet indulgence would be to have fresh flowers in my house all the time. So once a month I treat myself to some-but not usually roses,although they are one of my favorites...)
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Fay said...

Congratulations! I have reviewed "Pamper-U" and I'm pleased to inform you that your blog has been added to Blogging Women.

I've enjoyed reading through your blog post (still have more to go through) and look forward to future post.

Welcome aboard and continued success with this blog.

Carol said...

Thanks for your kind words. I'm thrilled to be added to Blogging Women!


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