Friday, February 26, 2016

A Lovely Little Poem

I would like to share a cute poem that I came across. I don’t know the author so I can’t give anyone credit… 

 A Lovely Little Poem 
~A dear old lady was asked what she used to make her complexion so beautiful and her whole being so bright and attractive. ~She answered: 
I use for my lips, truth 
I use for my voice, kindness 
I use for my ears, compassion 
I use for my hands, charity 
I use for my figure, uprightness 
I use for my heart, love 
I use for any who do not like me, prayer.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Do’s and Don’ts for After Your Shower

I am not a bath person. I wish I was because that seems like it would be so relaxing. Usually I have too many other things to do so I like to hop in the shower and then get on with my day. If you're like me, here are some shower tips...

Do apply moisturizer/lotion. 
Applying moisturizer after taking a shower will help to keep the moisture in and the dryness out. 

Do those eyebrows. After showering is a great time to tweeze your eyebrows. It makes for reduced pain and less resistance. Pluck in the direction of hair growth for best results. 

Don’t blow dry. Let your hair air dry until slightly damp. Blow drying right out of the shower can lead to frizzes. 

Don’t use mascara. Putting on your mascara in a steamy bathroom can lead to smudging. For using the blow dryer and/or mascara clear the bathroom by opening a window or turning on a fan first. 

Do push back your cuticles. Your cuticles are at their softest so they’re unlikely to tear. Just gently nudge them with your towel.

Maybe someday I'll fill up my tub with bubbles and have a glass of wine like those gals on tv and in the movies! Are you a bath or shower person?
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

It Didn't Go Like Clockwork--Orange

This week's color was orange. Sadly I just didn't feel it. I got a few images but nothing like I wanted. I promise to do better next week. It's blue--an easier color? 

Have a good week!
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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Toe Woes

A common problem many people have is an ingrown toenail. I have suffered from this myself. 

An ingrown toenail is a toenail that has grown into the skin instead of over it. Most foot care experts say that clipping toe nails straight across helps prevent ingrown toenails. Shoes that don’t fit right can cause an ingrown nail, as can just being on your feet or walking a lot. You can get an ingrown toenail if you hurt your toe, such as stubbing it. This can cause the nail to grow inward. Repeating an activity that injuries the nail, such as kicking a soccer ball, can also cause an in grown nail. If a member of your family has an ingrown toenail, then you are more likely to develop one, too. Some people's nails are normally more rounded than others, which increases the chance of developing ingrown nails. If a nail is becoming ingrown, you’ll first notice that it’s feeling tender where the nail is pushing into the side of your skin. You may find yourself favoring that foot, or pressing your toe against the inside of your shoes. 

 Step into a Relaxing Foot Bath to Steam Your Ingrown Toenail Away

Did you know that a common household footbath could add some relaxing relief to your ingrown toenail woes? Soak your sore toe in warm/hot water for 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day. Add some lavender or tea tree essential oil to help soften the skin further. After you’ve given it a good soak, for about 20 minutes, see if you can pull the embedded nail up on the corner, lifting it away from the skin. You can use a nail file for this—slowly and carefully sliding it under the edge of the nail. 

 Sometimes it takes more than one soaking to get the nail soft enough to lift from the skin. If you don’t succeed the first time, dry off your poor foot, dab on a drop of lavender or tea tree oil (they both have antiseptic and antibiotic properties) and try again tomorrow. 

 Once the nail lifts past the skin, trim the nail with a small pair of scissors. Now you will have a tender, pink channel in your toe where the nail once pressed. Wedge a small piece of cotton under the corner of your ingrown nail. This will help lift the nail off of the skin. Keep it bandaged and clean. To prevent infection, apply more lavender and or tea tree essential oil after bathing until your toe doesn’t hurt anymore. 

Wear loose-fitting shoes that don't press on the toe where the nail was removed. 

If there is no improvement after three days of home care or if you have diabetes see your doctor.

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Green Green Grass of Home

That is actually the title of my mom's favorite song. Alas, it is winter here in MN and no grass to be found. Well, not much anyway. So I had to search for green in other places... 

Can't wait for spring to come so I can get outside to photograph some "Spring" green!

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pretty in Pink

For some reason Pink was a hard color to come by this week. Here are a few that I found... 

There you have it. For one week I was in the Pink!

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