Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year's Eve Party Ideas

Tip Junkie has some really fun party ideas for New Year's Eve. Check them out at:
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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Resolutions for the New Year

Another year means another list of New Year's resolutions. How long is your list this year? Here are some resolutions to try. Don’t attempt them all but choose a few to get your year off to a great start.

Too many people start the New Year with a list of goals about their weight, smoking etc. While it’s good to have goals it’s also important to remember enjoy the present and not let the future rob you of today’s joy. Set realistic goals that you can manage.

If you haven't taken a walk for awhile, get moving! I bet you'll feel more refreshed and less stressed about the world. The simple act of walking – away from your office or home - allows you to enjoy nature and exercise all at once.

I’m not going to suggest that you give up TV but a few less hours a week wouldn't hurt. Evidence links TV viewing to unhealthy outcomes such as obesity. So turn off the TV now and then. You’ll find lots to do with the extra time!

Games whether it’s a board game, crossword puzzle or even a new sport can help to keep your mind sharp. Playing games with your kids or significant other helps you to stay connected and can help you to relax.

Schedule a vacation, plan a date night, or just commit to taking an hour or so at least once a week and relaxing all by yourself. You're worth it.

The two that I am going to work on are “Watching Less TV” and “Spoiling Myself”. I know I can make better use of my time by cutting out meaningless tv. After this past busy Christmas season I could really use some pampering—so, I’m going to treat myself to a massage regularly and find time to unwind with my new itouch.

Care to share any of your resolutions?
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Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to Eliminate Hat Head

A New Year, a new do. I just got my hair cut short so I am excited to try wearing some winter hats. (My in-between length didn't work with hats before.) But the one thing I hate with hats is having my hair fly-away with static.

The December issue of Prevention ( magazine listed some ways to take care of winter hat head. These tips are from Marcos Diaz, a New York City stylist.

*Use a leave in conditioner.
*Rub the inside of your hat with an unscented dryer sheet.
*After removing your hat, flip your head upside down and finger comb out.

I'm for sure going to try the dryer sheet tip since it sounds like it would really work. I don't know about the leave in conditioner. That would take some getting used to.

Prevention also mentions that 25% of women wear winter hats to look stylin'. Do you wear a winter hat--for style or warmth?
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I cherish all of my Blog Fans and are sending thoughts of gratitude and good cheer to you all. May your holiday be full of love and peace!
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where to Wear Your Fragrance

There are several places that work best to wear your favorite fragrance. (Mine is on my pulse points.)

*Pulse Points.
Apply your scent to your neck, wrist, back of your knees and behind your ears.

*On Your Hair
Your hair works great to carry your scent. It can dry your hair so spray it on only occasionally.

*In the Air
Spray a cloud of perfume and then walk into it. The scent will cling to your skin. This will give you a lighter scent.

Wearing your fragrance on your skin is the best. The natural warmth of your body helps distribute oils from the perfume.

Putting perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together actually breaks down the mixture of materials that make up your scent. You want to avoid this.

What is your favorite place to wear your scent?

Respond to this blog post and enter to win one of Gathered From The Garden's Gift Sets (your choice of fragrance).
Please leave a comment and your email by Sunday at 9:00 p.m CST We’ll pick a comment at random and notify the winner. You can also let us know if you'd like to receive our online newsletter.

Time to pamper yourself! Good Luck!
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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

This view on my way to work. Usually it's totally dark on my commute during the winter months. Can you make out the barn and silo?
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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Gifts for Your Favorite Neighbors

On one side we have a family of four that are just delightful. On the other side we have neighbors that can't stand us. (It's a long and sad story...) Anyway, I wanted to give our friendly neighbors something different for Christmas. I found this list over at
She said she has compiled the list over the years and can't really give credit to anyone but I'll give her some credit for blogging the list so I could copy it. :)

Here are some fun ideas:

1- Make some Chex Muddie Buddies or buy a bag of Chex mix and attach a tag that says, "Santa Chex his list twice to see whose been naughty or be good for goodness sake!"

2- Attach a tag to a roll of cookie dough that says, "Here is some extra dough for Christmas!"

3- Attach a tag to a box of popcorn that says, "Just popping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!"

4- Attach a tag to a 2-Liter bottle of sprite that says, "May your holidays be Merry and Sprite!"

5- Attach a tag to a scented candle that says, "We hope you have a SCENTsational Christmas!" or "May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!"

6- Attach a tag to a soup mix that says, "Wishing you a SOUPER holiday season!"

7- Put a sugar cookie mix in a hot pad pocket and tie a cookie cutter to the loop on the hot pad with a ribbon.

8- Put Hershey Kisses in a wire whisk and wrap cellophane around the whisk. Attach a tag that says, "We WHISK you a merry KISSmas and a happy new year!"

9- Attach a tag to a bag of Jolly Ranchers that says, "Have a Holly "Jolly" Christmas!"

10- Attach a tag to a measuring cup filled with a Christmas treat that says, "Wishing you joy beyond measure this holiday season!"

11- Attach a tag to a bottle of sparkling cider that says, "Wishing you a sparkling Holiday season!"

12- Put Hershey Kisses and Hugs in a jar and attach a tag that says, "Holiday Hugs and Kisses to you!"

13- Attach a tag to a plate of homemade goodies that says, "Wishing you a season filled with sweetness!"

14-Attach a tag to a jar of homemade salsa that says, "Here's to add a little spice to your holiday season!"

15- Attach a tag to a cheese grater and a block of cheese that says, "Wishing Grate neighbors a Merry Christmas!"

16- Attach a tag to a jar or box of cocoa mix that says, "Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season!"

17- Attach a tag to a bag of pasta that says, "Have a Pasta-tively Merry Christmas!"

18- Attach a tag to a brownie, cookie or soup mix that says, "Whip up this mix for a wonderful holiday mix!"

19- Attach a tag to a plate of fudge (or bottle of homemade fudge sauce) that says, "Fudge a little on the calories and enjoy the holiday season!"

20- Attach a tag to a plate of warm cinnamon rolls that says, "Here's a sweet treat "Rolled" up with warm holiday wishes!"

21- Attach a tag to a bag or jar of seasoning that says, "Hoping your holidays are "spiced" just right!"

22- Attach a tag to a bottle of jam that says, "Hope your holidays are jam packed with cheer!"

Aren't these fun? I like #1--I'll make a double batch. One to give away and one to eat here!

Do you have any neighbors that deserve a treat?
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Festive Candy Cane Cocktail

Our German heritage has us celebrating the feast of St.Nicholas today. When our children were little St.Nick used to knock on the doors and windows. He always left a big bag of treats on the front step.

Treats shouldn't just be for children so I am sharing with you a recipe and photo from Martha. (

Makes one cocktail
1 candy cane, crushed, for garnish
2 ounces of strawberry vodka
4 dashes of white creme de menthe
2 1/2 ounces of cranberry juice
Ice cubes
Place the crushed candy canes on a small plate or saucer. Wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water. Holding the glass by the stem, rotate the rim to coat with candy.
In a cocktail shaker, combine vodka, creme de menthe, cranberry juice, and ice; shake until well combined. Strain into prepared glass; serve immediately.

This would be a great drink to have on any feast day, not just St.Nick's!
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Friday, December 4, 2009

Stain Busters

With the holidays coming up, lots of parties to attend, food to eat, fancy drinks to try, what's a girl to do if she spills on her favorite holiday outfit?Try one of these inexpensive stain busters...

Vinegar is great for coffee or tea stains. Pour on some vinegar mixed with cold water. Let it sit for half an hour then rinse. This also works on cola stains.

Use dishwashing liquid for grease stains. Scrape off the excess with a butter knife. Place the stain face-down on a plain white paper towel. Squeeze a small amount of dishwashing liquid on the back of the stain and wait about a minute. Pretreat the the stain with detergent, and wash it on the warmest water setting that particular fabric can endure.

Chocolate stain? Scrape off the chocolate. Then put a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Gently scrub--a soft toothbrush works well. Rinse.

Try regular bar soap for a lipstick stain. Rub white soap on the stain. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse.

Wine spill? If it's red wine, rinse it with white wine. Repeat until the stain fades.

Pizza on your lap? Scrape off any residue then rinse with cold water. Then pour on a little lemon juice. Let it sit for 10 minutes, rinse again.

Gravy stain? Sprinkle on some cornstarch. After an hour, discard the powder and flush with hot water.

With a nail polish spill you should first rub with acetone (nail-polish remover), and then send through the laundry cycle.

For more spot cleaning tips go to
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