Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where to Wear Your Fragrance

There are several places that work best to wear your favorite fragrance. (Mine is on my pulse points.)

*Pulse Points.
Apply your scent to your neck, wrist, back of your knees and behind your ears.

*On Your Hair
Your hair works great to carry your scent. It can dry your hair so spray it on only occasionally.

*In the Air
Spray a cloud of perfume and then walk into it. The scent will cling to your skin. This will give you a lighter scent.

Wearing your fragrance on your skin is the best. The natural warmth of your body helps distribute oils from the perfume.

Putting perfume on your wrists and then rubbing them together actually breaks down the mixture of materials that make up your scent. You want to avoid this.

What is your favorite place to wear your scent?

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Time to pamper yourself! Good Luck!
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Dr. Ann Becker said...

I love the name "Monkey Kisses" for a lotion with a banana fragrance. I bet the kids just love it!

Anne-Marie said...

Thanks for the tips! I love the "spray and walk into it" trick for a lighter scent =)

Happy Holidays!


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