Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to Eliminate Hat Head

A New Year, a new do. I just got my hair cut short so I am excited to try wearing some winter hats. (My in-between length didn't work with hats before.) But the one thing I hate with hats is having my hair fly-away with static.

The December issue of Prevention ( magazine listed some ways to take care of winter hat head. These tips are from Marcos Diaz, a New York City stylist.

*Use a leave in conditioner.
*Rub the inside of your hat with an unscented dryer sheet.
*After removing your hat, flip your head upside down and finger comb out.

I'm for sure going to try the dryer sheet tip since it sounds like it would really work. I don't know about the leave in conditioner. That would take some getting used to.

Prevention also mentions that 25% of women wear winter hats to look stylin'. Do you wear a winter hat--for style or warmth?
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Anne-Marie said...

I definitely wear my winter hat for warmth, but it doesn't hurt that it's super cute =) Thanks for the hat head tips!

Carol said...

My winter hat is for warmth but now I am going to go find one that is cute too. (Maybe a good after Christmas sale...)

D'Sapone - Manhattan said...

Nice post


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