Monday, March 16, 2009


A girl can never have too many shoes, especially with Spring just around the corner. So here are a few great sites to go "Sole Searching"-- happy shopping!

* This site has a ton of brands in all sizes and widths. It has everything from shoes to jewelry to clothing. Lots of great stuff for men and kids too. Plus free shipping both ways!!

* This site has cute shoes at a discount. Hundreds of brands at as much as 70% off. You can sign up for email alerts for their special offers.

* This site is great if you have large feet. The site sells shoes up to size 15. They now have wedding shoes in bigger sizes. (Perfect for my 6"1" daughter getting married in April.)

* This site also carries everything from shoes to clothing to accessories. They have shoes and products for men and children. Lots of cute shoes featured on their home page.

So let the shoe shopping begin. You can never have too many shoes, although my closet is starting to disagree. I should do some serious weeding out of old and worn shoes. (That's a topic for a different blog don't you think?) What's your favorite pair of shoes that you just can't part with?
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Anne-Marie said...

I too LOVE shoes! is one of my favorites- thanks for the other links =)

Carol said...

I guess you are never to young to start. My 5 year-old granddaughter loves shoes too!

Anonymous said...

It is true that you can never have too many shoes! Thanks for the list of sites. I just went to and ordered some for myself and a friend for her birthday. We both share a love of flip flops, and like purses, my closet is full of them. But it sure makes summer fun!

Carol said...

Oh, don't get me started on purses! sigh


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