Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Halloween Cuteness

I thought these were so cute I just had to try another Halloween craft. As it turned out, it was SUPER easy!! I'm thinking I may go back to the store and buy another 6 pack.

Start out with a bottle of orange Crush. There might be other bottles of orange liquid but this was the first one I saw so I took it. Plus as a kid I loved Crush! Take the label off. It came off fairly quickly after I picked at a corner. I did use a little Goo Gone to take off the stickiness.
You now have a smooth surface on which to put the jack-o-lantern's face. I used left-over black vinyl from my Silhouette and just free-handed cut out eyes, nose and smiles. (There are lots of ideas if you Google jack-o-lantern images.) I didn't get too fancy cuz I thought the simple jack-o-lantern face was the cutest.
A little ribbon and a gift tag and they'll be fun to pass out on Halloween to my co-workers!
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