Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mid Calf Skirt Lengths: Spring 2011

The London Fashion Week Spring 2011 season brought a mixed bag of skirt lengths For spring, designers were showing mini, maxi and the new mid-calf length in skirts—the midi. (I read that when the midi first showed for spring, many freaked out. I think because the hem is somewhere between your knees and your ankles and we haven’t seen this length for some time.)

I’m too old to wear the mini. I probably still have a maxi or two around from the last time they were popular. I just don’t know if I can warm up to the midi.

Mid-calf lengths don’t suit everyone, so this style is not as easy to adopt as you might think. The length doesn't flatter short women, but on the other hand it can be a perfect choice for tall gals. Most women carry weight on their thighs. A properly fitted skirt will conceal the problem area instead of exposing it and it can create a sleeker and trimmer image.

Midi skirts can be paired with wedge sandals, ballerina flats, or towering heels, and can be full or straight, shear or pleated. A good tip is to not wear heavy layers on top. Wear it with a long or cropped, light or heavy jacket so the silhouette remains long. Belts work beautifully with the midi. These skirts flatter most when you pair them with heels that help create a leaner lower leg. Hems that hit at the top of the calf are tricky for those less-than-content with their ankles. There are tricks to work around this such as wearing a sky-high shoe or platform to slim your ankles. (Another reason I’m not thrilled with this length. On sky-high shoes, I’d probably trip and break my ankle.)

Even with all of that, skirts can be a good option to mix and match your wardrobe. Moreover, depending on the way you choose to accessorize them, you can get a very sophisticated and chic outfit using the most simple pieces

I think every woman who loves fashion, no matter what age, wants to look current. If the clothes are sexy enough and make the women feel empowered, they will wear them. So maybe the midi has a chance. Are you ladies into this skirt length? Will you be wearing it this spring?

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