Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thoughts For The New Year

I like this poem by Lillian Gray:

Thoughts for the New Year

Let us walk softly, friend;
For strange paths lie before us all untrod:
For New Year, spotless from the hand of God,
Is thine and mine, O friend.

Let us walk straightly, friend;
Forget the crooked paths behind us now.
Press on with steadier purpose on our brow,
To better deeds, O friend.

Let us walk gladly, friend;
Perchance some greater good than we have known
Is waiting for us, or some fair hope flown,
Shall yet return, O friend.

Let us walk humbly, friend;
Slight not the heart's-ease blooming round our feat:
The laurel blossoms are not half so sweet
Or lightly, gathered, friend.

Let us walk kindly, friend;
We cannot tell how long this life shall last,
How soon these precious years, be overpast:
Let Love walk with us, friend.

Let us walk quickly, friend;
Work our mite while lasts our little stay,
And help some halting comrade along the way:
And may God guide us, friend!

Hope your 2011 is filled with family, friends and fun!post signature
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Diane said...

Very pretty poem. Thank you for sharing it Ÿ

Carol said...

Thanks Diane. Hope your year is off to a good start!


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