Monday, April 9, 2012

Make A Wish

I enjoyed reading this post on the Cherry Blossom Soup Blog. Sherry talks about "wishing for what we already have." An interesting concept since we almost always wish for what we don't have.

Sherry does a simple exercise every once in a while to remind herself of the abundance in her life. She makes a wish list. Everything on the wish list is something she already has.

All you need to do is set a timer for three minutes.Then just write what you wish for. Think about the people in your life, things you can see, things you love, things on your shelves or in your closet, whatever. I decided to try it.

Here are a few examples from my list:
•I wish for funny, smart, lovable grandchildren.
•I wish for the first daffodil raising its face to the sun.
•I wish for the ability to see the colors of a rainbow.
•I wish for my breath, in and out, sustaining me as I run.
•I wish for the ability to write on my blog.
•I wish for the taste of freshly picked raspberries from my garden.
•I wish for the sound of ocean waves as I sit on our favorite beach.
•I wish for the memory of a warm hug from someone I love.
•I wish for the smell of blooming roses, lilies and lilacs.

Your turn. Get out a timer or the alarm on your phone. Set it for three minutes. (Or even ONE minute!). Then write. Want to share anything on your list?
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