Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Gifts for Those in Skilled Care Facilities

Thinking about those on your Christmas list, here are some ideas for friends and family that are in skilled care facilities. During holidays instead of bringing a plant or flowers, which provide visual pleasure but cannot occupy an elder’s time, bring other gifts which they can enjoy after you have left.

• Already stamped post cards, envelopes and paper
• Soft Stuffed Animal with a Scent such as Lavender
• Lip Balm, Lotion, Powder
• Pillow Spray
• Dream Pillows
• Magnifying glass
• Puzzles, drawing pad and pens
• Pictures drawn from children (they love bragging rights)
• Family Photos
• A small, portable radio so they can listen to a favorite station or the local news. Or a small hand held TV or DVD player with head phones so they can watch what they would like.
• Reader's Digest and other large print books.
• Diabetic: Special Socks /Diabetic candies
• Slippers
• Pajama's
• Bath Robe
• Flannel Shirts
• Pillows/Quilts
• Craft Items they can make that does not require keen eyesight--latch hook is a good one.

Dementia: Textured items (i.e., sandpaper, velvet, fuzzy fur, gingham, burlap) to touch and manipulate. Often those with dementia find comfort in repetitive motions such as rubbing cloth or petting an animal.

Another idea for an older loved one who has difficulty communicating is touch/aroma therapy. Bring a nicely scented lotion and ask if you could put the lotion on your loved one’s hands, therefore providing touch as well as a pleasant aroma to associate with your visit. Touch alone, is very important. Gathered From The Garden has some wonderful scents. 

Can you think of anything else that would make good Holiday gifts for those in skilled care facilities?
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