Monday, June 3, 2013

Ideas on How to Photograph Families and Siblings

If you carry around a big camera and lens people start to think that you know what you're doing. I've had three friends/family ask me to photograph them. I'm by NO means a professional photographer. So I look to blogs, online classes,Facebook and anywhere else that I can find advice and inspiration.

I was truly happy to see that the Harvard Homemaker had a post on 125+ ways to shoot families and siblings. She has beautiful examples by professional photographers but I think anyone with a camera could shoot similar photos. (or at least use the ideas as a start) I made a list of the poses I'd like to try.

I'm excited to get my grandkids over and practice on them. Usually they will cooperate--sometimes a little bribe will make all the difference. ☺ I could practice on Jerry too but he isn't as apt to run, jump or blow bubbles for me!

Go check out this post and then let us know (or share a pic)which ideas you used. I'm hoping to have some examples to post here too.

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