Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shop Smarter

For awhile now I've been using sites like Groupon and Plum District to save money. I've recently come across some other places to help stretch my dollar. Here are a few sites to bookmark for bargains. With the holidays coming up, we can all use some savings!

* This website lists many deals for you to check out. You'll see a list of sites in various categories.

* Lots of product details and where to buy at sale prices. I looked up a camera lens that I've had my eye on. It gave me the prices at several different sites. Saving this for my Christmas wish list.

* A way to save money on your groceries

* I put in my zipcode and what type of food I like and this site brought up several restaurants in my area. It offers certificates that you can buy at reduced prices.

* You can create a newsletter of your favorite sites and it will send you a list of bargains.

* If you subscribe you will receive info on samples and giveaways.

* If you sign up for their newsletter you will get daily updates on ways to save money. Everything from ebooks to Walgreens and CVS to food and online deals.

* I have this app on my phone. I always check to see if there are any deals, promotions or promotional codes. Often there are discounts on chains like Target and Macy's.

* This is an app I have on my phone just for Target. It will give you products that you can save additionally on if you shop at Target.

*  One of the top price-trackers. This free service sneds you an email or text alert the minute the price on your chosen items drops.

Do you have any sites that you frequently find deals on?

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