Friday, February 21, 2014

Life Has Its Ups and Downs

I got such a kick out of how much fun my little grandson had riding up and down the escalator at the mall. From the top of the stairs it must have seemed to be a long way down. He wasn't scared at all--as long as daddy was right behind, holding his hands. After the first trip up and down went off without a hitch, it was just the first of many! You can tell from dad's face in the last picture how much fun he was having.

A couple of things got me thinking. How often do we try something new and it seems daunting from the start? How often do we take that first step and it turns out to be so much fun? I'm guessing not often enough.  

 When we are considering trying something out of our comfort zone how often do we look to find someone that could be our support? How often could we be a support for someone else and haven't made ourselves available? I'm guessing not often enough.

If I take a lesson from my grandson, I see that I need to be a little more of a risk taker. There's more fun in life to be had if I just take a chance. Like little Jack, I also need to look for others to help me.

If I take a lesson from my son, I see that I need to be available if someone needs my help. And...I will probably need a boat load of patience just like Jon had with Jack.

How many times did they do the escalator loop? After 20 times I stopped counting! Jon did finally manage to divert Jack's attention so we could go home. I'm sure it will be top on Jack's list of things to do at the mall for a long time to come!
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