Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ginormous Bubbles!

After reading the post on Our Best Bites about making Ginormous Bubbles we had to try making our own. It was just as much fun for the grandkids as it was for us grownups!! Once we got the hang of things, they were huge-- some of them were 15-20 feet long!

 To make the bubbles you need Dawn detergent, J-Lube, glycerin, baking powder and water. I had all of the ingredients needed except for the J-Lube. Fortunately for us I have a niece (Thanks, Megan) who is a Veterinarian. J-Lube is a powder she uses and has on hand so she gave us a little more than we actually needed.

Kate from Our Best Bites says...*J-Lube. This is both the most…unusual as well as important ingredient. It’s a polymer that helps make those giant, sturdy bubbles. It’s a veterinary obstetrical lubrication and can be difficult to find. You can order it from farm supply stores (if you live in a farming community, you may be able to find it locally) or you can order it from Amazon (the price is slightly higher, but it may offset shipping costs from other sites. Warning: some of the Amazon reviews/suggested products are a little graphic because, believe it or not, some people use it for things other than assisting in the birth of baby animals and other veterinary care. If this is something that potentially concerns you, just go to the order page and don’t scroll much further.)

You will also need two wooden dowels and about 6-7 feet of 100% cotton yarn (the thicker the better).

You are going to tie one end of the yarn tightly near the top of one of the dowels (you can notch it first to make it stay on. Run a line of yarn about 1 1/2-2 feet to the same spot on the other dowel and tie it securely. Tie the remaining end near the original knot, so you have a tight horizontal line on top and loose yarn hanging down on the bottom.

In a large clean bucket, combine the J-Lube and the baking powder. Slowly whisk in a gallon of warm water and mix until combined. Add 1 cup of Dawn and 2 tablespoons of glycerin and stir to combine completely.

 (Don't cross your sticks, keep them far apart.)

Dip the giant bubble wands (sticks) in the water. When you pull them out, keep the sticks as far apart as possible and start walking backwards kind of slowly. We had the gentlest breeze starting out which helped too. Later the wind picked up and then the bubbles popped quickly. A calm day works best.

Our little guy enjoyed popping the bubbles almost as much as making them! Give it a try--you'll have so much fun!
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