Monday, January 5, 2015

Change is Good...or is it?

I just love this company and their cute clothes! It's how I'm feeling right now!

    Life for me has changed over the past two years. I retired from teaching after 30+ years. My husband and I have been doing a far amount of traveling--a cruise to Greece last summer,spending Januarys in Florida and almost monthly visits to the DC area to babysit our grandson. I have taken up photography (which I love) and have actually done a couple of senior sessions. 

     These are all great changes. However,there are some changes in my life that I wonder about. After about 9 years of being a small business owner, my husband talked me into closing up shop. Sales are down and now that we are retired and traveling it has been hard to stay on top of things. Still, this was my baby and it hurts to have to say goodbye. 

     Hubby is also ready to downsize our home and I am not. I like having a big backyard with flower beds and a veggie garden. The grands love to come and play games back there. We have enough bedrooms and bathrooms that our two grown children and their families can come to visit at the same time. I'm not sure what would happen to my baby grand piano if we move to a smaller place. 

This was the first Christmas that Jerry and I were alone without any children (and their families). It was a very different Christmas Day for us. Very quiet and subdued. We did end up inviting some of my siblings and kids over for a light dinner so we weren't totally alone. And...we did celebrate Christmas with our daughter and her family on the Sunday after Christmas. I understand that this will probably be happening more often as they start their own Christmas traditions and families get bigger. But I really missed having my children, their spouses and children with us on Christmas!

     I'm enjoying the freedom retirement brings but not so sure about the other things that come with it (and I guess, getting older). I have nothing to complain about--life is good. I might just have to take it slow and try to adjust to the changes as they come. 

 Anyone else have trouble dealing with change? Tips on how to deal with it?
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