Friday, February 13, 2015

A Quick Way to Understand the Bible

 I don't usually share too much religious stuff with others. To me religion is a personal thing and I respect everyone's right to believe what they want. However, if the chance comes along to share something I feel will be helpful or will appeal to many, I like to bring it to light.

     I have just finished reading God’s Story in 66 Verses by Stan Guthrie. The cover says it is a way to “understand the entire Bible by focusing on just one verse in each book. That is just what this book does.
     The book is an easy read. You can read one Chapter (Book) at a time or more. I usually read about three a day. This way I could process what I was reading and meditate a little on each book. I found it very interesting and helpful to have each book condensed and explained. I liked how the verse that was picked for each particular book was shown why it was picked.
     I don’t know of too many people that have read the entire Bible and understood what they read—me included. It was easy to just skip over parts that didn’t make sense or that I just didn’t get. After reading this book I feel like I have a way better understanding of the historical events that took place, especially in the Old Testament. I now know more about Paul’s mission and why he wrote so many letters. Getting background on each of the four Gospel writers was insightful too. Finding God’s presence in each book was very meaningful.

     I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to understand the Bible a little better. So often we read or hear parts of the Bible and don’t always see how they fit into the big picture. Stan Guthrie’s book will help you see how each book contributes to God’s story of HIs kingdom.

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