Monday, May 18, 2015

We Are Too Comfortable Here in the U.S.

I sit here in my comfy house excited to see that the seeds I planted have sprouted and are growing. I hope to get them planted outside in the next day or two as the weather warms. My lilacs are blooming and my backyard smells heavenly. I got to babysit my sweet little granddaughter yesterday and got some great photos of her. We have some delicious left-overs to eat for supper tonight. Life is good. 

Then why am I feeling so unsettled? It's because I read this account of life in Iraq and what ISIS is doing to women and children there. It is absolutely heartbreaking! We are too comfortable here in the United States.  Read this article (it really is a must read) and hopefully you will be feeling unsettled too. Share this with the women you know. We need to get uncomfortable...We need to help. 
Do you know anything about the Preemptive Love Coaliton and their work?

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