Friday, June 26, 2015

"I Can't Make You Beautiful"

I was disheartened last week when I got a message asking me to please take down a photo I had posted on Facebook. It was a shot of a family having fun together in their backyard. They were playing a game, laughing and enjoying their time together. But...the person sending me the message asked me to take it down because in the photo she "looked like a cow."

So when I came across this article by Anne Almasy (a portrait photographer/writer) entitled "I Can't  Make You Beautiful" I immediately thought of the above gal. I wish she was a reader of my blog because I'd like her to see this article. It feels like it was written for her.  

If you've ever felt like you were not skinny enough, young enough, pretty enough for are wrong. Go read Anne's might be meant for you too!
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