Tuesday, July 25, 2017

10 Ways to Brighten Your Day

 It was a very dreary day today with little sun. Got me thinking about how much I depend sunshine to boost my spirits. Here are some other ways to do that...I'll keep these in mind especially for the next dreary day.

1. Smile. (at everyone and just because- if no one else is around!)
2. Start your day with a workout or some kind of exercise or stretches. (This works for me!)
3. Enjoy time with your family.
4. Call a friend. (It's really better than email or a text.)
5. Get outside! Swing in your hammock, garden, bike, go for a walk.
6. Help someone in need. (turn on the news and you will see plenty of others that could use some help! Prayers help those in need too.)
7. Play like you did when you were a child. When was the last time you played hopscotch, hula-hoop, or scooped up sand in the sandbox? (I love to blow bubbles with my grandkids.)
8. Laugh out loud. Tell a good joke. Read the comics.
9. Praise someone. It will make two people happy!
10. Wear bright colors--reflect the glorious colors of nature in summer.

I'm sure you can add to the list. Let us know what other ways we can brighten our day. I could have added "read a blog"...
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