Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion in Paris

I had the great fortune to visit Paris this summer. It was everything I imagined and then some! To learn more about this great city before I flew over, I checked out There is a new photo of Paris posted every day along with a short explanation.

Now that I am back I still occasionally go to that website. I like to see if any of the photos are of places I actually saw there. Today's photo showed two women walking in Luxembourg Garden. (I did visit that lovely place!) One is an elderly woman and the other one a young woman. The short explanation remarked on the way the women are dressed. The photographer says that in Paris people are judged by the way they dress. I'd say that both women would be judged quite stylish! It is true about fashion there. We never saw any French women wearing jeans and most had a style all their own.

I hope when I get to be the age of the older woman in the photo that I can still pull off a look that good!
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