Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rescue Your Closet--Update Your Look

The more I thought about those two well-dressed women in Paris, the more I thought about how well-dressed I am or am I? Taking a look in my closet you'd wonder how I manage to get so many clothes in such a small place. Do I need some updating?
Redbook magazine's August issue has some advice and I found more with some research. Here are some tips to help you get started on updating your look and saving your closet!
*Clean out your closet (ouch). Don't throw out everything. Keep the items that fit well and make you feel good when worn. Some items of clothing are classic. They never go out of style--keep those too. You can use accessories over and over. They can help achieve a different look by wearing them with something new. Clear out the clothes that don't fit anymore, that you haven't worn for a year or that you know were just impulse buys and too trendy.
*Read fashion magazines. Check out what the celebrities are wearing. Look at their day to day wardrobes, not their red carpet outfits.
*When buying new clothes choose what fits. You can't go strictly by size. While my husband is always a 42 L and has a shirt size of 16 1/2 --34/35 I am not a true size 4. Sometimes I can get into a Junior size 5-especially pants or capris. When buying shirts or blouses, I can wear anything from a S to a L!
*Shop someplace new. Widen your scope by checking out boutiques, small shops or department stores you don't usually shop at. You might find some surprising pieces.
*Update your haircut. This is probably the easiest to do and you get instant results. Take a friend along or if you see a style on someone you like ask for the name of the salon and stylist. If you get a cut that isn't quite what you had in mind, relax, it will grow out. ( I know of several people who haven't changed their hairstyle since highschool.)
*Don't give up. If you try a style change and it just doesn't work for you take it back. As you experiment and step out of your safety zone you'll see fashion in a whole new way. You'll come to see what clothes and makeup bring out the best in you.
If you are in need of a major overhaul then I suggest you check out They've got experts who can come and help you big time.
Now I need to take my own advice and head to my closet for some major rescue work!
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