Friday, October 24, 2008

Anti-aging Perfume?

In addition to products that claim to lift, firm and get rid of wrinkles we now have a fragrance that is supposed to make you "smell younger". Harvey Prince has launched a new perfume called "Ageless Fantasy". It's the world's first anti-aging perfume. It is designed to make women "smell younger" using mango, cherry and pineapple scents. Apparently using these scents will make others perceive you to be 8 years younger. (How did they decide on that number and those particular scents?) It's also advertised as "prescription-free youth". Although you may smell much younger, the perfume won't make you look younger.

Boy we sure are obsessed with being younger aren't we? In this month's issue of MORE magazine ( Jane Fonda,Sharon Stone and Tea Lioni are featured. Jane is 70, Sharon is 50 and Tea is 42. All reveal how they make their age work for them, not against them. There is no mention of any work done on their faces or bodies which I think is pretty cool. They focus on their careers and talents and not on their looks.

I am very happy to be getting older and having some wrinkles. This is a great time in my life. I don't really need people to perceive that I am 8 years younger. (a little younger maybe...if I'm honest) I am taking care of my face and body--avoiding the sun, exercising, using a good moisturizer and eating healthy. I think I would rather look healthy than look many years younger.

In the article in MORE, Tea says that "aging gracefully to me isn't about accepting or doing only a little bit of Botox. I think it's a spark--a way of being." Well said!

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Anonymous said...

Ageing is good. But feeling younger is better. What do you say?
AgelessFantasy has a unique smell of fruit flavours mixed with jashmine & musk that aims to give you the sweet feeling of getting younger. I think it's beyound one's imagination. It does work and love it


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