Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick Takes

Here are a couple of short little tips from Prevention Magazine (

*Wash your face to ward off wrinkles
A new British Skin Foundation study found that 50% of women don't wash their faces at night. This habit can make you look older. It can enlarge pores and further irritate dry skin. To clean away signs of aging, gently rub your cleanser onto damp skin and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

*Exercise to Help a Charity
Eric Harr, author of Goal Digger Fitness, will donate $5 to the humanitarian organization CARE for every hour you exercise and log at to $1 million. This could bring clean water, build a home or educate a child in developing nations around the globe. You can build a better world while you are building a healthier body!!

*How to find the right bra
A professional bra fitter can help or on your own keep these in mind:
It's important to choose a bra that's tight in the band. That's where most support comes from. (I didn't know that!) A bra with a seam gives more support.(I didn't know that either!) Check out unfamiliar brands. American bra companies produce just seven cup sizes, European brands offer 14 cup depths that allow you to get a better fit.

That was just a little potpourri of interesting items. For more information check out Prevention Magazine.
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