Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exercise and Lower Dental Bills?

I am starting out the new year with multiple dental appointments. Not that I haven't been taking care of my teeth but I guess aging has something to do with it. As I was reading the February issue of Prevention Magazine ( I found out that exercise can prevent periodontitis, a gum disease that's common as you get older. (sigh) Working out can help stop periodontitis the same way it does heart disease by lowering levels of inflammation causing protein in your blood.

The article I read is called "10 Reasons to Move". The article says that a better inspiration for exercising might be some amazing health rewards instead of being focused on weight loss. Besides the dental help, author Delia Cabe lists other health benefits such as: get all-natural pain relief, beat bloating, eye health, slash your cold risk and being able to feel sexy at any size. With each benefit she lists what you need to do to attain your health reward.

So get ready to Move ! It will make you sharper, happier and healthier. Three great goals for the New Year!

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DesertSoapstone said...

I hate exercise and here you have given me another very good reason why I need to get over it and get on it! Great post and thank you for sharing!

Carol said...

I am really making a commitment to exercise more. This morning I walked to and from a meeting about 1/4 mile away instead of driving. I managed to find someone to walk with me so it turned out to be fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your nice comments and highlighting my story. It's nice to know that my article inspired you!


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