Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Magic of Aging

I found a really fun forum at It has lots of good information about all kinds of beauty questions. I was there doing a little research on chemicals that are found in cosmetics. When I was done with that, I scrolled a bit and found an interesting post. It listed a site that contained the photos of an actress as she ages from 10 to 60.

It is interesting to see how beautiful she becomes as she ages. I like her at 50 the best. (30 is kind of a stretch with all of the make-up). I read someone's comment that said if this had been an American project, the actress would have looked her best at 20 and very frumpy at 50 and 60. I think it's probably a French project. After traveling to France last summer I really respect how beautiful French women look and their attitude toward aging. We have a lot to learn!
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