Thursday, June 4, 2009

Can't Get Enough Of This Soap

I make lots of fabulous bath and body products but I haven't tried soap. (Well, actually I've tried a little Melt and Pour Soap.) So when I'm in gift shops I always like to check out the soaps others have made.
This past weekend my sister and I visited some shops in a little town near her cabin. We came across two that we splurged on. I just have to share these with you. We saw some incredibly awesome glycerin soaps made by Primal Elements. soaps were so pretty. I especially liked the one that had a "lilac" flower in it.
The other soap is made by Lepi de Provence!). I guess since we went to Paris last summer I'm a little biased but you won't find another grapefruit soap that smells this good! My sister and I each bought some and we just can't quit smelling it! I actually cut the bar in half so I could use half in my shower and the other half I have setting out just for the fragrance! I just LOVE it!

Any great soaps you'd like to share with us? Always fun to find news ways to pamper ourselves!
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HeatherScent said...

I love handmade soap! There are so many wonderful sellers on Etsy, it's hard to narrow it down.

You have a Lovely Blog! Be sure to pick up your award button on my blog :)

Carol said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait to add the award button.


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