Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quick Summer Tips and Tricks

Here are some good little tips to keep you going this summer:

*How to check if your nails are dry? Apply a cold drop of water to one nail. If the drop glides off, your nails are dry. If it settles, shake it off and wait.

*Apply sunblock before you dress. When your clothes shift, your skin won't burn along the edges of your outfit.

*Protect your hair. Avoid damaging your hair while spending time at the pool. Wet it down first with fresh water before diving in.

*Another hair trick. In a spray bottle, mix equal parts of sunscreen lotion, hair conditioner and water. Shake well. Spritz on hair before you go outside. Reapply after getting your hair wet.

*To avoid streaks on your legs when using a self-tanner,rub on tanner in a horizontal motion, rather than a vertical one. (St.Tropez has upgraded its lotion to an odorless variety, called Self Tan Bronzing Lotion.)

* To keep self-tanning color from staining nails, cuticles and palms, coat your hands with petroleum jelly.

What's your favorite summer tip to stay cool and collected?
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