Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are You Cool or Warm?

I've often wondered about that. Back many years ago, it was a big deal to know if your skin tone was warm or cool. I think there were even parties that you could go to and the hostess would determine that for you. I hadn't given it much thought until I recently read an article about it.
(Was Mona Lisa cool or warm?)

You're probably warm if:

*your eyes are black,brown or hazel.
*your complexion has an ivory or yellowish cast (if light) or an olive cast (if dark).
*gold jewelry looks better on you than silver or white-gold.
*you look better in earth tones such as rust,olive and teal.
*in natural light the veins on the underside of
your wrist appear a greenish color
*you looked washed out in black

Some famous "warm" examples: Nicole Kidman, Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Hough, Marcia Cross, Calista Flockhart, Rebecca Romjin.

You're probably cool if:

*your eyes are blue,green or gray.
*your skin (if light) has a pinkish cast, (if dark) has a bluish cast.
*silver and white-gold jewelry looks better on you.
*you look good in jewel-toned clothing such as ruby,emerald and purple.
*in natural light the veins are your wrist are bluish.
*you can easily wear black

Famous "cool" examples: Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, Courtney Cox, Sandra Bullock, Terri Hatcher, Kirstin Davis, America Fererra, Keira Knightley, Eva Longoria.
***(Cool coloring is much more common than warm. I'm pretty sure I am a "cool" gal!)

You're probably neutral if:

*you look great in both cool and warm colors.

(Remember, these categories have nothing to do with your personality. It simply identifies your natural skin tone.)

Why is this important?

With the correct colors (in cosmetics and clothing):

Your skin tone will appear radiant and glowing
Your eyes will appear brighter and clearer
Your hair will reflect highlights

With the wrong colors (in cosmetics and clothing) :

Your skin tone will appear tired and drained
Your eyes may appear shadowed, dark circles
Even your teeth can appear with a slight yellow hue

You can use the above as a general guide when picking your makeup colors (especially when it comes to lipstick). If you're warm, you're going to tend to look best in brick reds, roses and corals. If you're cool, you'll do best with cooler pinks (like fuchsia) and brighter or truer reds.

Did you know if you were warm or cool before today? Let us know if you are warm or cool!
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