Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fragrance Fun Facts

When you are shopping for a new fragrance, sniffing many of them can be sensory overload. To prevent this,breathe into a lightly worn t-shirt between inhales. Your own scent will help neutralize the air.

When spritzing a fragrance on focus on your pulse points and let the liquid soak into the skin. Don't rub the fragrance in. This can break down the fragrance's formula which in turn can alter the smell. I didn't know this but the skin behind your ear doesn't hold scent very well at all. I am guilty of spray my perfume there, but no more!

Store your fragrance away from light and heat. These can change your perfume's color and aroma. Keep your bottles in a cool area away from windows, not in your steamy bathroom.

Another important tip: while you may just love the perfume you wear, others might not. Go easy on the amount you use! Your perfume shouldn't outlast your presence.

What's your favorite scent to wear?
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