Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15...Another Holiday?

Today is “Power of a Smile Day”. I haven’t seen any Hallmark cards for this occasion but it seems like a good one to celebrate. Smiling is a proven mood-booster. Last week we drove through some road construction. There was a fellow on the side of the road directing traffic with the biggest smile. It was contagious! Everyone in our car smiled back.

Here are some ways to be healthy and be happy:

*Take a walk. Walking for 30-40 minutes can lower your levels of tension and stress. Brisk walking will help you lose some weight. Whether you walk with a friend or alone, walking is a great way to take an appreciative look at the world around youl.

*Take a nap. A nap can improve your mood and your mental sharpness. Wouldn’t it be nice if your boss would institute a “siesta” policy for everyone!

*Jump in a puddle. It has rained 13 of the 15 days of June so it’s easy for me to find a puddle! The hopping motion is good for your leg muscles and the laughing motion is great for your facial muscles. Why should kids have all the fun?

*Skip. We had a girls’ day shopping last weekend. My niece Kendra (16)walked ahead of us and then started skipping. I haven’t done that in a long time! Skipping elevates your heart rate, gets your blood pumping and it gets you to your destination faster. If walking lowers your stress, think what skipping does for you!

*Whistle. This is also a tension reliever. A little music can lighten your mood, help lower your blood pressure and reduce your stress. A familiar tune can take your mind off your troubles.

*Write a letter. (texting doesn’t count) Writing can be inspiring and uplifting and helps you connect with someone you care about. Boost your spirits and those of the one finding something fun in their mailbox. Go check out Gina’s (also known as letter girl) for some examples of fun ways to address mail. http://www.etsy.com/shop/lettergirl

*My favorite—Plant something. Plant something and you can experience a connection with the earth. A seed represents the miracle of birth, brings flowers to please the eye and food to please your palate. You are sustaining life with a little help from sun and water. This is a wonderful simple gift to give yourself!

Instead of always counting calories or sit-ups, or miles you ran why not add up how many times you smiled! Can you think of other easy ways to boost our moods?

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Dr. Ann Becker said...

How about looking at pictures on your blog? That always brings a smile to my face!


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