Sunday, November 7, 2010

National Love Your Body Day

I didn't realize that October 20 was "Love Your Body Day" until I read a blog post from Allison over at Create Positive Spin. (Isn't there a day for everything?) Anyway, I enjoyed reading her 10 reasons and it got me thinking about my own body. We are usually so intent on noticing the flaws when we look in the mirror that we overlook the good parts.'s goes a little body love.

1. I have really long fingers. Great for playing piano and holding newborn babies. (Need to have some more grandbabies!)

2. My brown eyes can be very expressive. This comes in handy when reading stories to my second graders.

3. My body has kept up with my urge to be a runner. It hasn't always been easy starting this at a late stage in life but so far, my body is ok with it.

4. My brain is willing to keep learning. I enjoy learning more about aromatherapy, baking, crafting and how to use technology in my blogging.

5. I think my body tolerates pain pretty well. I had one baby without any medicated help, tons of dental work done and my body made it through.

6. My body has been very healthy. I haven't had any surgeries or broken bones. (knock on wood)

7. I have very thick hair so I don't think being bald will ever be an issue.

8. Am I only on eight? This is a little more work than I thought. Really am not used to thinking so positive about my body. Hmm...oh yes, my parents have terrible histories of heart disease/heart surgeries/procedures. So far, my heart has been healthy and is filled with gratitude for this blessing.

9. I can't forget my skin! So far, no age spots on my hands. I've been dreading this as I age but so good!

10. My lap--does that count? It has been home to many little children, my own and others. It has helped me comfort, snuggle and share.

There I did it! It took some reflecting but I came up with 10. Here's a challenge for you. Can you do the same? Care to share at least one great thing about YOUR body?
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