Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sole Survivor and the Empty Nest

My husband and I have been empty-nesters for a few years now. At first, the house seemed too quiet and I really missed having our kids around the supper table. Now, I still miss our kids but Jerry and I are having some of the best times! We get to travel, go out to eat during the week and when the phone rings it's for one of us.
One very nice thing we have been doing for each other is giving mini pedicures. I found a book at a garage sale that has detailed instructions and pictures on how to give a massage. So once a week, we soak our feet, use a foot scrub and give each other foot massages. It is SO relaxing! After a hard day at work I really look forward to this! It is so simple, yet we each feel so pampered. (I haven't gotten him to paint my toenails yet).
Of course we use Gathered From The Garden's foot soak, foot scrub and foot cream. The invigorating peppermint aroma is just that--invigorating! We also carry a foot spray and a foot powder.

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