Saturday, April 9, 2011

Power Thinking

Raise your glass for a toast to you and me and how special we really are!

Thoughts are powerful things. You've heard of "power dressing". I'd like to introduce you to "power thinking". Every woman should know that whoever you are, you are perfect before you put on a stitch of clothing. Whatever your shape, color or size, you are beautiful. (The media doesn't stress this so we have to--especially to our daughters and granddaughters.)

If your doctor tells you you're healthy, that's all you need to know. Anyone or anything that tells you that you are not beautiful is wrong. When you truly like yourself, you know you have no flaws. (or can accept those flaws as part of what makes you unique)

Celebrate! Have your own private celebration of who you are. Your accomplishments, your dreams and your hard work are nothing to sneeze at. Admire the parts of your body you do like with the same energy that you "dis" the parts you don't like.
For the parts you don't like just remember where they came from -- your female ancestors. Imagine what they did with those features -- survived holocausts, worked on assembly lines, cleaned other women's houses, raised a family -- to make you who you are. So, while you're celebrating yourself, celebrate your grandmother a little, too. (For many years, I disliked my body and blamed it on my mother. She has the same body shape. I'm embarrassed to admit that.)

Treat yourself.  If it feels good, do it. Spoil yourself! Get a massage. Hit your favorite spa. Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Go to the video store and max out on films featuring your favorite movie star. Use your imagination. Learn to play an instrument. (Order your favorite Gathered From The Garden product or try a new one!) Don't forget these words, “This is for me.”

For many of us we are always taking care of someone else. Who is taking care of us? It's up to you to treat yourself well.

(From an article by Janet Behmer and Shirley Pierce)
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