Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Generosity of Others

Some time ago I entered a contest on a blog to win some free cookies. The baker was going to send her beautiful cookies to a deserving person. I nominated my mom who had raised 10 children and stood by my dad through his many heart surgeries and procedures. I never once heard her complain.

Anyway, the response to the contest was huge and all who were nominated deserved the treats. So the baker asked fellow bakers to help out. That's how I've come to know Kristen at Babcakes Bakery.

She volunteered to send my mom some cookies. The cookies traveled from her bakery in Texas to my mom's home in Minnesota. Opening the box, my mom got a delightful surprise! Here were beautiful individually wrapped cookies. They were just for her.

My mom, being my mom, let my dad try one and then put the rest in the freezer. She was "saving" them. Mom sent a thank you letter to Kristen and happened to mention we was going to be celebrating her 80th birthday soon. Mom also told Kristen that she had stuck the cookies in the freezer. Kristen told mom to eat those cookies that she would send more for her birthday.

So mom did share one or two more. My sister came from FL a week earlier than the party so she got a cookie. My brother-in-law came over to do some repairs so he got a cookie. My hubby stopped in just to visit so he got a cookies. But me? Nope.
Then a few weeks later just as Kristen had promised more cookies arrived. Guess who was there when mom opened the box? Yep, me. Guess who finally got a cookie? Yep, me! There were enough cookies in the box for mom to share with the rest of the family. Her three great-grandchildren really enjoyed them as you can see!
Kristen had asked me what theme or colors we were using for mom's party. We didn't really have a theme (0ver the Hill doesn't really work at 80) but I did tell Kristen that mom is an avid gardener. (She has the greenest thumb I've seen.)So Kristen made the most beautiful flower and butterflies cookies! I can't tell you how much detail was put into them.

All of these treats from the kindness of a stranger. Kristen,you will never know how much joy your cookies brought to my family. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!!
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Georgian Gross said...


This was great. I really enjoy your blog. Tonight was the first time I actually took some time to read several items you have posted - so inspirational and energizing. Keep up the great work Carol.
Looking frward toseeing you sometme soon.


Carol said...

Thanks, Georgian! Hope to see you soon too.


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