Monday, June 27, 2011

Tamanu Oil for Summer Skin Issues

During the summer many of us have issues with our skin. I want to let you know about an oil that is getting rave reviews.

Tamanu Oil is a South Pacific skin treatment that is amazingly effective for the treatment of many skin conditions. The Tamanu tree only bears fruit once a year and the fruit itself is inedible. However, inside the fruit is a pale-colored nut kernel. When this nut kernel is dried, it turns a deep, chocolate brown and releases a sticky, rich oil. The oil is often extracted from the nut kernels using some form of mechanical cold press. The resulting Tamanu Oil is a rich, luxurious, greenish-amber color.

Scientific studies show that Tamanu Oil is a significant healing agent because of its ability to produce new skin tissue. It also has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties that help in healing wounds and injuries. Wearing new sandals or shoes can rub you the wrong way causing blisters. Tamanu Oil helps heal blisters fast and infection free. (Apply a drop or two of the oil directly on your blister and cover with a bandage.) It can also be used on sunburn and some report it works great on acne.

If you are seeking only one solution for all your hair problems then Tamanu Oil is the answer. Women from Polynesia and Fiji are known to have beautiful hair, and the credit for this goes to Tamanu oil. You can use tamanu oil for hair in many ways. Apply the oil and massage your scalp and hair. You can also apply tamanu oil on wet hair just after washing it. In this case, it acts as a moisturizing agent.

Anyone allergic to nuts should always perform a patch test for skin before applying the oil. Apply a small amount of oil on the hand and leave for about 20 minutes. If there is no reaction like itching or redness, you can use it on your hair or skin.

Tamanu Oil is widely available. Here is a site you might want to try.
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