Monday, August 22, 2011

Comin' In Hot at the Ragnar Race

Our team of 12 amazing women runners and Van #2's driver. I'm 3rd from the left, front row. My daughter, our team captain is in the back row, 4th from the left.

I'm a runner! It really hit me. I've been running for about two years but I don't really think of myself as a "runner". Aren't those the people that have the expensive shoes, fashionable running clothes and skinny legs?  But after this past weekend, I will think of myself as a runner!

The Ragnar Race was the most challenging thing I have ever done (except for childbirth of course). I ran three legs: 6.2 miles, 5 miles and 4.2 miles. I trained for about a month and worked really hard to be able to run 6 miles. (Before that, my longest run was about 3.5 miles.) On my first leg I ran at 11am. It was sunny, hot,humid, no breeze. The road had been freshly tarred so it was black! About 4 miles of it was uphill. I was crushed that I wasn't able to run the whole 6 miles. I did have to walk/run it.

My 5 mile leg was around 11pm. It was cool but also kind of creepy. There weren't many runners along my way. We all had to wear lighted vests, tail lights and headlights. After the first half mile I had to run up a very steep hill for a couple of miles and then it leveled out. I felt better about that run. Only had to walk a little on the hill and I didn't run into any skunks or raccoons!

My third leg was early morning, three miles along a tarred path that was shaded and ran along a creek and then a lake. (Where was this shade on my first run?!?) Very pretty scenery. However, you guessed it. The last mile was straight uphill. Again I had to walk a little on the hill.
Wearing my Ragnar Medal. It was heavy!
All in all I think I did pretty good for this old body. It was very fun watching the other gals speed along their runs and cheering them on. I only wished I could have run half as fast and with half as much stamina as they did. But I realize they are much younger and have been running much more than I have.
The name of our team was "Comin' in Hot".

It was a great experience! My team of 12 ran 195 miles from Winona to Minneapolis in about 30 hours. I got to spend time cheering for them, learning how to properly eat to fuel up from them, sleep a few hours in the van with them and celebrate with them at the finish line.

Would I do it again? If they ask me and if I can have shorter legs to run I think I would. But then again, I'll be another year older...maybe I could just drive the van. :)

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Rana said...

We are so proud of you! What an incredible accomplishment-you are only as old as you feel and you proved how young you really are! I admire you!!

Camille said...

This is awesome!! I have heard about the Ragnar races and have wanted to try one! You are incredible! Thank you so much for linking up to Strut Your Stuff Saturday! We would love to have you come link up again tomorrow!
Camille @


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