Saturday, September 24, 2011

"C" Words for Better Health

Saw this on the 'net. Didn't have anyone to give credit to...
Stepped on the scale this morning and didn't like what I saw. I'm still running and eating healthy (well, most of the time...) So how come those pounds creep up? There's no magic bullet for losing weight and keeping it off but maybe these "C" words will help.

*Chew food slowly. Savor what you're eating.
*Consume healthy foods in moderate amounts. (I always try to take home half of my meal when eating out.)
*Caffeine in moderate amounts.
*Cocktails--stick to one per day.
*Cook at home. We all know that makes for healthier eating! (If I was rich, I'd have my own cook for sure!)
*Consume copious amounts of water.(love that word "copious"! Who ever really uses that word?)
*Cut these out of your diet: refined sugar and processed flour.
*Cola is a no-no. Caramel coloring is being linked to cancer.
*Cut out the complaining and go get some exercise! Don't be crabby or cross. :)
*Control your cravings--don't let them take charge. Drink some water or go get busy to take your mind off the cravings.
*Count calories and carbs--READ LABELS!

Women need to be especially concerned about their health. We used to be considered healthier than men, but no more. We are in danger of reduced life expectancies and chronic illnesses. The big "C" that kills more of us than Cancer is Cardiovascular disease. If you can't get your health under control using my list of C words above, seek advice from professionals such as your primary healthy care provider, chiropractor, nutritionist and massage therapist. I tell you this because I CARE about you!
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