Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tips for a Healthy Holiday

My son Jon is over in Afghanistan so he and his new wife won't be with us for Christmas this year. It is the first time our family will not be together. I'm feeling sad about this but trying not to dwell on it. I don't want it to overshadow the fun times I'll have with the family members that will be here.

Mix the blues with the stress of finding the right gift and a tendency to overindulge just a little and we've got the right ingredients for a health meltdown. I really don't want to be sick over the holidays. So how can we enjoy the holiday season and stay healthy? Here are some tips to help you out.

*Moderation Try not to overschedule you or your family. Don't be afraid to say no. Set a budget and stick to it. Delegate tasks to other members of your family. (I had my grandchildren help with decorating my tree. We all had a blast.)

*Take supplements to ward off illness. Immune boosting supplements like Vitamin D and C are great ways to avoid getting sick during the holidays.

*Relaxtion Many of us aren't sleeping well which can cause us to become shall we say, "cranky". This can lead to overeating,overimbibe-ing( is that a word?)and sometimes taking out our "crankiness" on others. Time to pamper yourself with a mani or pedi. How about settling in with a night of your favorite holiday movies? A nice cup of herbal tea can be so relaxing.So can a warm soak in the tub. Rescue Remedy can help relax you and even your pet!*
Regular exercise will boost your good mood, relieve tension and help you sleep. Enjoy the holiday decorations as you walk or run through your neighborhood. Can you help out a neighbor by shoveling their sidewalk? It will also help keep the pounds from creeping up over the holidays.

*Hydration Drink plenty of water.If you are going to be drinking some party cocktails be sure to drink some water before and after. Water isn't just for drinking though. Remember to wash your hands often to avoid getting sick over the holidays.

*Generosity It's what the season truly is about. There are so many charitable organizations that can use your help. Your local food shelves, the Salvation Army,the
Fistula Foundation (my personal favorite) are just a few that need our help. These gifts will keep on giving long after the holidays are over.
I'm planning on following my own advice to enjoy a happy and healthy holidays. Can you follow these 6 tips too?post signature
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1 comment:

Jessa said...

Great tips! Time seems to go by so quickly during the holidays. We need to slow down and savor them more.


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