Saturday, December 17, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I know Christmas is Near...

Here's The Top Ten Reasons I know Christmas is Near!

10.  I have paper cuts from construction paper, blisters from glue guns, and glitter everywhere!
9.  I twitch when kids ask me how many days till Christmas...
8.  Santa and his naughty list is a daily discussion in my classroom.
7.  The teachers on staff no longer have the energy or stamina to talk...we just grunt, eye roll, and sigh as we pass each other in the hall. Nuff said...
6.  My trash can, recycle bin, and every inch of my classroom overflows with tiny multi-colored pieces of construction paper scraps, glue stick lids and broken crayons.
5.  Our desks are constantly covered in glue. It doesn't matter that I had said "Go easy on the glue" at least a hundred times a day.
4.  Christmas cookies are the new lean cuisine.
3.  Outside recess is never long enough--for the kids or the teachers who are not supervising and are getting a small break.
2.  Today I almost said, "If you can hear me--stand on your head"...because no one can hear me and no one is listening.

And the number 1 Reason I know Christmas is Near....

1.I'm already looking at the January calendar and writing lesson plans for the New Year!

Do you have your own Top Ten?

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