Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help for Hillary

I have enjoyed watching Hillary Clinton over the past years. She is a strong woman who was grace under fire when her husband sort of forgot his wedding vows. A gutsy lady who has to go into foreign countries not as a tourist but as a representative of the United States trying to keep peace. She has also been a working mother. Hillary is smart, articulate and I think just generally a good person.

So that said...Hillary get some help! Have you looked in the mirror lately? We forgave you for wearing headbands back when Bill first got elected and you didn't know better. But now? You are one of the most powerful women in the world. You meet with high stake world leaders. There must be someone you can trust to give you some good fashion advice since it looks like Chelsea hasn't stepped forward. (and that long flip doesn't work either)

Sasha Libby you have given many actresses advice on their look after walking the red carpet. Could you suggest something to help Mrs. Clinton? She's a classy lady, she needs help to look the part!

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