Friday, February 24, 2012

It's in the Bag

Okay, girls, if you're like me you have a collection of purses. When switching purses what are the essential items you carry with you at all times? See if you agree with the list below:

1.Wallet. Make sure you have your driver's license.

2.Baby Wipes. They clean everything.

3.Mini sewing kit.

4.Pain reliever.

5.Cell phone.


7.Gum or mints.

8.Pocket mirror.


10.Lip balm or gloss.

I have everything on that list in my purse except the baby wipes and sewing kit. I also carry a nail clippers, lotion,band-aids, mini-perfume, kleenex, glasses and contact case and more! I was invited to a baby shower where one of the games was to weigh your purse. Mine weighed close to four pounds!! (You can tell that I have a problem using a small purse.)What can I leave out? It all seems very necessary and important. The one really necessary and important thing I can't do without is Gathered From the Garden's purse-size Goat Milk and Honey Lotion. You can get one of your own here.

What's the one essential item you have to have in your purse?

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